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Got VaultPress Secure WordPress Backup [Review]
Posted: 04 Mar 2011 10:09 AM PST
Now QOT is backed up on VaultPress <http://vaultpress.com/> secure
WordPress backup service. Vaultpress backs up your entire WordPress database
and important site files in real time so that your blog can be backed up
easily if hacked.
Why Vaultpress WordPress Backup?
There are many WordPress backup services
available. Vaultpress is created by Automattic <http://automattic.com/> ,
the same people who brought you WordPress, which powers millions of blogs.
So I trust them to best understand the technology which goes behind powering
WordPress, and how to back it up.
Vaultpress Golden Ticket
Vaultpress is not available to public at large since it is in beta. First
you need to apply for golden ticket <http://vaultpress.com/signup/> . They
are giving away 60 Vaultpress golden tickets per day, so if you have a
reputed blog, chances are you will get in 1-2 days.
Once you get a Vaultpress invite in your email, simply sign up. The Golden
Ticket is your plugin.

Download Vaultpress WordPress Plugin
Download Vaultpress plugin, a simple php file, and add to your WordPress
plugin folder. Activate and you are done. Vaultpress will start to download
all your Uploads, Themes, Plugins, and Database one by one automatically.

We got impatient as our database was downloaded only 10% after a few hours.
A frantic email to support revealed, it is normal as they do not want to
overload our server. Our entire site backup took nearly 1 full day, but then
QOT has a large database. Most sites will upload much faster.
So now we have realtime backup of our site

VaultPress Cost?
Vaultpress Beta does not come cheap at $15 per month. We opted for the basic
plan which gives us comprehensive backup of entire WordPress installation.
* Realtime Core Table Backup
* Non Core Table Backups
* Unlimited Snapshots
* Downloadable Archives
* Stats, Activity Log, Support
If you decide to get the Premium Vaultpress plan, it would cost you $40 per
month, but will include Security Monitoring as well.
How Vaultpress Can Improve?
Vaultpress backs up all your files in realtime, which can cause considerable
load on shared hosting, so you might want to think. We experienced some
increase in server load, and they throttled from the backend, and advised we
enable FTP /SSH access to take load off the server, but I am not happy
entering my FTP /SSH passwords in a third party plugin.
Secondly, many bloggers would not be interested in hourly back up of
blogs, once or twice a day would be enough, but there is no option to
configure that - though many busy blogs would find a realtime back up very
useful, to keep comments and latest blog posts safe.
Note Vaultpress backups up only the plugins, themes, uploads and database.
So if you have files in the root directory, extra files, htaccess etc, they
will not be backed up. Also note you can download these backup files, they
will not restore them for you in one click if your server crashes.
I have had a chance to contact Vaultpress support a few times, and it seems
they are available US time as that is when replies occur. A fast response
time will go a long way to enhance customer trust. Also an affiliate program
will help bloggers recover the Vaultpress expenses and help the service
grow. But then its still in beta.
Get VaultPress
Vaultpress is definitely not cheap at $15 per month. But if your blog makes
decent advertising revenue, you can afford to spend a small fraction of your
profits on backing up your blog in real time, so that you can restore it
when you need it. Hackers are for real and servers do crash and your hosting
backup might get corrupted. The earning blog is the lifeline and income
resource for many full time bloggers, and spending a few dollars more will
guarantee you a better sleep at night, so even if hackers strike, your blog
is safely backed up at Vaultpress.





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