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One of the most effective ways to build up your company’s online presence is to set up a comprehensive blog that provides insight into your company and its respective industry. A compelling blog will reach out to both colleagues and potential consumers. Maintaining a successful blog can take some effort, but having an understanding about some key trends can help your company flourish.

Acquire a Legitimate Domain Name

Your first option should be to develop a new, separate page for your blog that’s a part of your existing website, e.g. Another option could be to set up a blog under a completely separate domain name unrelated to your company and then link it to your actual website, e.g. with a link back to I recommend setting it up the first way though, as any links to the blog will help with overall SEO.
For companies with minimal funds available for web development, setting up a blog using WordPress with a free template might be the way to go. Or if you do have funds available, there are premium templates such as Thesis or Genesis are great to use as they provide greater design and SEO functionality.
If you’re company website isn’t complete yet though, focus on that and come back to setting up a blog when you finish the main site.

Post Regularly

Update your blog regularly so that your readers will know when to return for additional information. Set deadlines for yourself or your writers, e.g. post three articles a week, or post one article each Monday and one each Thursday.
Developing some sort of daily theme that’s consistent from week to week could also be beneficial. A blog focusing on Construction Law in North Carolina features “Tuesday Tips” and substantive legal information on Thursdays. The blog owner also allows for guest articles as well.

Value Quality Over Quantity

Although updating your blog with new posts is a key part of maintaining your readership, be careful not to post a bunch of fluff just for the sake of updating. Furthermore, posting too frequently means that your ideas will be lackluster rather than unique.
Avoid making up stuff and asserting personal opinions when writing blog posts. Instead, do an adequate amount of research so that your articles have an authoritative voice with comprehensive information. This way you’ll be more likely to attract readers who actually have an invested interest in your business market.

Offer Different Viewpoints

Give your readers more comprehensive information by offering viewpoints from a variety of professionals who have a stake in your industry. For example, features a number of industry professionals on its surety bond blog. Articles on the site are not only written by the company’s owner, but also journalists and entrepreneurs who have an invested interest in the finance industry.
Consider allowing guest authors to provide some content, too, as they oftentimes have different perspective on industry developments. Just make sure their posts aren’t too promotional. If you’re open to guest authors, post a notice somewhere on your blog. Another option for attracting readers is to ask established professionals in your field to write a guest post for your blog, which can increase your company’s credibility within the market.
What subjects you choose to discuss on your company blog is up to you, but if you want to consistently appeal to readers, try and stick to these fundamental guidelines to help your blog on track.

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This article was written by Kevin Kaiser who maintains Startup Biz Blog, a publication that aims to give new entrepreneurs some insight on how to really succeed in today’s business market. Kevin hopes to help new professionals who are trying to get their businesses off the ground.


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