Mobisophy Interactive Voice Call Master v2.52.1390 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked-Symbian

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The world first IVR (Interactive Voice Response) powered call management solution in your phone! With IVR technology, it will convert your phone to a professional corporate telephony system, just like there is an operator in your phone! Except IVR, IVCM is also an all purposes call control manager for your daily voice and video calls.

IVCM/PhonePilot v2.50, was released

Now compatible with Nokia touch screen phones like 5800 XpressMusic and N97 (S60 5th devices).
Add a new incoming call response method "IVR or record". If you answered incoming calls by yourself within the delay time you set, call converstaions will ber recorded. Otherwise, IVR will answer these incoming calls.
You can choose to record only incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both. This new feature only applys to IVCM.
Answer dalay time for IVRs can be set in each profile.
Lists can contain - symbol as wildcard. Like 0044- will match 00441, 004411 and so on...
Contacts can be imported to lists from phonebook or call logs. When importing from phonebook, you can quick serach contacts on the importing screen now.
Add houseclean functions for managing contacts in lists. Like sort by phone number, sort by name, delete multiple contacts.
Add houseclean functions for managing voicemails or recorded conversations. Like auto delete voicemails they are some days ago, delete multiple voicemails once.

IVCM/PhonePilot v2.51, was released
Quick fix a bug on v2.50. It will cause beeps when callers are leaving their message even 'No beep call record' is set to 'Yes'.

IVCM/PhonePilot v2.52, was released
Fix a bug on v2.50 and v2.51. This bug will cause you to import wrong contacts when there is a filter condition on phonebook.
Add Turkish language version.

NOte : I checked Answering Machine this time. It`s ok now. Just go to Profile section and choose "Respond list by IVR". You can also manage your list. I`ve made a screenshot for that.
And ... Register button is inactive



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