NoiseWARE Professional Photoshop Plug-in Review

slide scanner.
Slide scanning is quite a steep learning curve and even when you do master it you often suffer from significant amounts of noise in the scanned image. The grainy effect of slide scanning was something I lived with until I discovered NoiseWARE from IMAGENOMIC.

NoiseWARE is a sophisticated Photoshop plug-in which allows you to remove noise from your image but will minimize the noise reduction on the less-noisy and other areas of critical detail.

The plugin allows you to see both before and after views of the effect of noise removal. There are lots of viewing options to choose from including horizontal and vertical before and after screen views. Also the work area of the plugin can be resized to fit what ever screen area you want.

NoiseWARE Photoshop Plugin - sky selected as area for noise removal
The image above is a particularly noisy in the sky. Selecting one or more areas of the image allows noise removal to be based on the chosen areas. If you don't want to get in to that level of complexity you can just have Noiseware do the removal process automatically.

There are a whole host of presets including ones for Landscape, Portraits etc. If you really want fine control you can fine tune the removal process by noise frequency, colour and tonal range. Sharpening can be turned off altogether or set as you want.
NoiseWARE vs Photoshop built in Dust and Grain filter

I compared using NoiseWARE with the built in Photoshop "Dust and Grain" noise filter and you can see that NoiseWARE preserves the fine detail as well as the detail in the non sky area.

NoiseWARE is fast in operation and can take advantage of dual processors. It claims to process an 8 MPixel image in under 4 seconds. My images are usually start at about 64MB in photoshop and typically take 7 seconds to process.
Other product features include:

Self-learning noise profiles

Bracketing and Multiple previews

16 bit supported

batch processing via Photoshop Actions

I have no association with IMAGENOMIC. It's a great product which has improved my workflow. I would score it 5 out of 5.
Good luck and good shooting.



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