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Got VaultPress Secure WordPress Backup [Review]
Posted: 04 Mar 2011 10:09 AM PST
Now QOT is backed up on VaultPress <http://vaultpress.com/> secure
WordPress backup service. Vaultpress backs up your entire WordPress database
and important site files in real time so that your blog can be backed up
easily if hacked.
Why Vaultpress WordPress Backup?
There are many WordPress backup services
available. Vaultpress is created by Automattic <http://automattic.com/> ,
the same people who brought you WordPress, which powers millions of blogs.
So I trust them to best understand the technology which goes behind powering
WordPress, and how to back it up.
Vaultpress Golden Ticket
Vaultpress is not available to public at large since it is in beta. First
you need to apply for golden ticket <http://vaultpress.com/signup/> . They
are giving away 60 Vaultpress golden tickets per day, so if you have a
reputed blog, chances are you will get in 1-2 days.
Once you get a Vaultpress invite in your email, simply sign up. The Golden
Ticket is your plugin.

Download Vaultpress WordPress Plugin
Download Vaultpress plugin, a simple php file, and add to your WordPress
plugin folder. Activate and you are done. Vaultpress will start to download
all your Uploads, Themes, Plugins, and Database one by one automatically.

We got impatient as our database was downloaded only 10% after a few hours.
A frantic email to support revealed, it is normal as they do not want to
overload our server. Our entire site backup took nearly 1 full day, but then
QOT has a large database. Most sites will upload much faster.
So now we have realtime backup of our site

VaultPress Cost?
Vaultpress Beta does not come cheap at $15 per month. We opted for the basic
plan which gives us comprehensive backup of entire WordPress installation.
* Realtime Core Table Backup
* Non Core Table Backups
* Unlimited Snapshots
* Downloadable Archives
* Stats, Activity Log, Support
If you decide to get the Premium Vaultpress plan, it would cost you $40 per
month, but will include Security Monitoring as well.
How Vaultpress Can Improve?
Vaultpress backs up all your files in realtime, which can cause considerable
load on shared hosting, so you might want to think. We experienced some
increase in server load, and they throttled from the backend, and advised we
enable FTP /SSH access to take load off the server, but I am not happy
entering my FTP /SSH passwords in a third party plugin.
Secondly, many bloggers would not be interested in hourly back up of
blogs, once or twice a day would be enough, but there is no option to
configure that - though many busy blogs would find a realtime back up very
useful, to keep comments and latest blog posts safe.
Note Vaultpress backups up only the plugins, themes, uploads and database.
So if you have files in the root directory, extra files, htaccess etc, they
will not be backed up. Also note you can download these backup files, they
will not restore them for you in one click if your server crashes.
I have had a chance to contact Vaultpress support a few times, and it seems
they are available US time as that is when replies occur. A fast response
time will go a long way to enhance customer trust. Also an affiliate program
will help bloggers recover the Vaultpress expenses and help the service
grow. But then its still in beta.
Get VaultPress
Vaultpress is definitely not cheap at $15 per month. But if your blog makes
decent advertising revenue, you can afford to spend a small fraction of your
profits on backing up your blog in real time, so that you can restore it
when you need it. Hackers are for real and servers do crash and your hosting
backup might get corrupted. The earning blog is the lifeline and income
resource for many full time bloggers, and spending a few dollars more will
guarantee you a better sleep at night, so even if hackers strike, your blog
is safely backed up at Vaultpress.




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AnotherBlogger's Feed

One of the most effective ways to build up your company’s online presence is to set up a comprehensive blog that provides insight into your company and its respective industry. A compelling blog will reach out to both colleagues and potential consumers. Maintaining a successful blog can take some effort, but having an understanding about some key trends can help your company flourish.

Acquire a Legitimate Domain Name

Your first option should be to develop a new, separate page for your blog that’s a part of your existing website, e.g. ThisIsMyCompanyWebsite.com/blog. Another option could be to set up a blog under a completely separate domain name unrelated to your company and then link it to your actual website, e.g. BlogRelatedToMyIndustry.com with a link back to ThisIsMyCompanyWebsite.com. I recommend setting it up the first way though, as any links to the blog will help with overall SEO.
For companies with minimal funds available for web development, setting up a blog using WordPress with a free template might be the way to go. Or if you do have funds available, there are premium templates such as Thesis or Genesis are great to use as they provide greater design and SEO functionality.
If you’re company website isn’t complete yet though, focus on that and come back to setting up a blog when you finish the main site.

Post Regularly

Update your blog regularly so that your readers will know when to return for additional information. Set deadlines for yourself or your writers, e.g. post three articles a week, or post one article each Monday and one each Thursday.
Developing some sort of daily theme that’s consistent from week to week could also be beneficial. A blog focusing on Construction Law in North Carolina features “Tuesday Tips” and substantive legal information on Thursdays. The blog owner also allows for guest articles as well.

Value Quality Over Quantity

Although updating your blog with new posts is a key part of maintaining your readership, be careful not to post a bunch of fluff just for the sake of updating. Furthermore, posting too frequently means that your ideas will be lackluster rather than unique.
Avoid making up stuff and asserting personal opinions when writing blog posts. Instead, do an adequate amount of research so that your articles have an authoritative voice with comprehensive information. This way you’ll be more likely to attract readers who actually have an invested interest in your business market.

Offer Different Viewpoints

Give your readers more comprehensive information by offering viewpoints from a variety of professionals who have a stake in your industry. For example, SuretyBonds.com features a number of industry professionals on its surety bond blog. Articles on the site are not only written by the company’s owner, but also journalists and entrepreneurs who have an invested interest in the finance industry.
Consider allowing guest authors to provide some content, too, as they oftentimes have different perspective on industry developments. Just make sure their posts aren’t too promotional. If you’re open to guest authors, post a notice somewhere on your blog. Another option for attracting readers is to ask established professionals in your field to write a guest post for your blog, which can increase your company’s credibility within the market.
What subjects you choose to discuss on your company blog is up to you, but if you want to consistently appeal to readers, try and stick to these fundamental guidelines to help your blog on track.

2yug9d0 How To Build A Better Company Blog
This article was written by Kevin Kaiser who maintains Startup Biz Blog, a publication that aims to give new entrepreneurs some insight on how to really succeed in today’s business market. Kevin hopes to help new professionals who are trying to get their businesses off the ground.
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SDXC : Kapasitas makin besar, Kecepatan tambah tinggi

Baru-baru ini dikabarkan, standar baru kartu memori SD (Secure Digital) generasi berikutnya, SD Specification Version 4.00 yang dinamakan dengan SDXC, akan selesai pada musim semi tahun 2011. Dengan begitu SDXC sudah siap untuk menggantikan peranan jenis kartu memori sebelumnya. Apa sih menariknya dari perangkat baru ini?

SDXC merupakan generasi baru memori card yang berfungsi sebagai alat bantu penyimpanan data untuk beberapa perangkat yang kompatibel. Secara teknis, jenis kartu memori ini mampu mengupgrade kapasitas penyimpanannya hingga lebih dari 32GB atau sampai 1TB.

Tidak hanya itu, SDXC juga menambahkan kecepatan transfer datanya hingga mencapai kecepatan 104 MB per second atau bahkan sampai 300 MB per second.

Kapasitas SDXC yang diperbesar ini mampu menghasilkan perangkat penyimpanan yang portabel dengan kapasitas sangat besar dan kecepatan yang tentunya luar biasa. Kemampuan ini memang sangat dibutuhkan bagi para pengguna yang sudah terbiasa memindahkan data-data elektronik dalam ukuran file besar.

Dengan menggunakan kartu memori SDXC pengguna mampu menyimpan file film (movie) 100 HD atau setara dengan 480 jam rekaman HD atau pula setara dengan 136.000 slide foto.

Dengan kemampuan kecepatan transfer data yang dihasilkannya, maka akan memungkinkan para pengguna kalangan profesional untuk mengaplikasikan perangkat ini dalam kamera video sehingga akan meningkatkan total kapasitas frame-frame slide yang dapat direkam atau disimpan.

Dari sebuah perangkat elektronik penyedia video, musik, ataupun konten elektronik lainnya, pengguna dapat mendownloadnya secara wireless ke ponsel yang telah diisi kartu memori ini. Kemudian dapat diputar ulang sesuai kebutuhan, misalnya saat dalam perjalanan, tentunya melalui perangkat ponsel.

Untuk mendongkrak kecepatannya, kartu ini menggunakan skema transfer baru dan juga pin baru. Dengan teknologi paralel yang sekarang dipakai akan diganti dengan teknologi transfer serial, yang juga akan tersedia untuk dipakai di SD Input/Output (SDIO). Dengan begitu membuat bus SD juga akan dapat dipakai sebagai bus internal di sistem embedded, seperti ponsel.

Kartu memori yang meiliki kecepatan yang nyaris 3X lipat ini memiliki form factor yang akan tetap sama seperti sebelumnya. Dengan pin-pin paralel yang tetap ada ini berarti kartu-kartu SDXC akan bisa dipakai, ditulis dan dibaca oleh SD card reader lama, tentu saja pada laju yang lebih lambat. Oleh karenanya para vendor perangkat elektronik harus menyediakan SDIO yang mampu membaca kartu memori jenis ini dengan kecepatan yang sesuai.
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Internet Download Manager (IDM) 5.18.2 + CRACK


Instruksi CRACK:
  • Sebelumnya kamu harus punya dulu IDM free version yang sudah terinstal di PC (berapapun versinya terserah)
  • Setelah download ekstrak ke C: \ Program Files \ Internet Download Manager
  • Kemudian buka file RUN.REG pada folder tsb dan tekan Ya dalam dialog pesan. dan

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Virtual HairStyle Fab v1.0

The best personal beauty expert. Virtual HairStyle Fab v1.0 is an application which allows users to try different hairstyles and make-ups.Its over 800 complete styles for different occasions consist each of a hairstyle, suitable make-up and accessories. An uncomplicated look for everyday or vacations, a business one for the office, a hot look for a disco or a party – with Virtual.HairStyle Fab you look always great.

You can search for your new look not only for a special occasion but also for your colour type, which can be defined by the program, for your face form, hair length and much more. Virtual.HairStyle Fab provides you also with a lot of beauty recommendations and styling ideas. Or compose your personal style collection, save it or print it out and let your friends select the best ones.
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Tentang Cinta & Untuk Cinta ( Osi Flash Banner )

code :
<div align="center"><embed src="http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/2786684_wfxai/kokonlove.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="920" height="200"></embed></div>

Osi...Silahkan copas Embed code yang ada diatas dan masukan pada bagian HTML/Script pada template Osi layaknya meletakkan widget baru pada Blog.Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya.dan apabila ada kekurangan atau tidak mengerti bisa langsung hubungi saya via email ataupun YM saya.

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Haddad Alwi - 12 Lagu Pilihan (2009)

Click the image to open in full size.
01. Marhaban Ya Ramadhan (Feat Anti)
02. Insan Utama
03. Rahmat Qur'an
04. Puasa
05. The Way Of Love
06. Ma Zam Zam
07. Damai BersamaMu
08. Pergi Haji (Feat Ashila)
09. Kekasih Allah
10. Dengar Jeritan Kami (Feat Tasya)
11. Satu Bintang
12. Salam Ramadhan (Feat Gita Gutawa)

Click the image to open in full size.
thx to rukia7 & rama_ps2

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Aone Movie DVD Maker v2.7.0827

Click the image to open in full size.
Movie DVD Maker is a high speed and easy-to-use video DVD VCD SVCD maker, creating DVD VCD SVCD disc from all video files, so you can play your movies on your home DVD player. Supports many input formats: AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP4, MPG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MKV etc.
Converts your movie files to DVD VCD SVCD format using our fast High-Quality Mpeg1/2 encoder and then burn to DVD VCD SVCD Disc with High-Speed burner engine.

Key Features
Make DVD VCD SVCD Video Disc.
High-Speed DVD/VCD/SVCD Disc Burner engine Inside!
Built-in DVD Author.
Support a broad range of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW burners.
All encoders/codec are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software .
Add subtitile onto the output DVD VCD SVCD.
Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment.
Cut unwanted parts by specifing start time and end time .
Support AC3 sound format (only output for DVD)
Support "Drag and Drop" from Windows Explorer
Support NTSC and PAL TV mode.
Auto set Normal TV's aspect ratio(4:3) and HDTV's aspect ratio(16:9).
Auto add Letter Box to target DVD.
Custom define the output audio volume.

Home Page: Aone Software ( DVD Creator,MPEG to DVD Burner,Movie DVD Maker,Video Converter, AVI to DVD, DivX to DVD )


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Classroom Spy Professional v3.2.3


What is it useful for?

* For monitoring and recording your students activities on a remote computers
* For monitoring students in the classroom to achieve better discipline or, just to assist them when they are in trouble (by using the remote control feature).
* For administrating all computers just from one location – your computer.
* For presenting your screen to students.
* For locking students computers while they are waiting for further instructions or assignments.
* Helping your students by showing your desktop to them.
* Turning off, restarting, .... remote computers with one click.

What are the major benefits of using Classroom Spy Professional?

* Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few mouse clicks.
* You have complete control over what remote users are doing.
* Unlike other similar applications, this application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations) does not use

a high bandwidth, but even when the lower network bandwidth is required the refresh interval can be enlarged using one mouse click.
* You can make the presentation by showing your live screen to students
* Application allows you to take over the remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
* The remote computers´ screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
* Using this application, you can always see which user is actually logged on to the remote computer.
* Schedule remote computers desktop recording
* Execute several actions on all remote computers with on click


+ Displaying a live picture of a remote computer.
+ You can take control of a remote computer by controlling its mouse and keyboard.
+ More remote screens can be displayed in a table.
+ A remote screen can be zoomed to an actual size.
+ The name of the connected user is displayed.
+ Record remote computers screens.
+ Show your desktop to students
+ Power off, restart, hibernate, suspend remote computers
+ Log off desktop users
+ Lock workstation
+ Control screensaver
+ You can lock selected remote computers
+ You can display a message on selected remote computers.
+ When lower bandwidth is required, the refresh interval can be enlarged.
+ Automatic connection to a remote computer is optional.
+ Settings for the agent are encrypted and password protected.
+ Connection to a remote computer is password protected.
+ Access to monitoring the console is password protected. If more users use the same computer, different profiles and access passwords can be set.
+ More monitoring consoles can be connected to the same remote computer - you can monitor your students from different locations.
+ Agent can run as an NT service (for Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003).
+ Agent can run as a process (Windows 95, 98, Me).
+ Application can optionally use encrypted communication.
+ Agent can be remotely installed.

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Karaoke Time...... ^_^

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Download Software:
100++ Midi Lagu2 indonesia yg lg ngetrend :
Web yg nyediain File MIDI, semua bisa disedot gratis:
Web yg nyediain Video Karaoke (Video+Lirik+Musik Aslinya) Gratis juga:
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Deep Freeze Enterprise

Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves baseline computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all

changes and reset the computer to its original state - right down to the last byte.

Expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity and technical support time is reduced or eliminated completely. The result is consistent trouble-free

computing on a truly protected and parallel network, completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs.

While Deep Freeze provides bulletproof protection, its non-restrictive approach also improves user productivity and satisfaction.

Placing no restrictions on a user's ability to access all system resources, users avoid the frustration of downtime due to software conflicts, operating system corruption,

virus attacks, and many other problems. Users are always assured of computers that are consistently operable and available.

Building on the power of Deep Freeze Standard, Deep Freeze Enterprise offers centralized deployment and enhanced flexibility options for customizable management of

large computing environments.

Deep Freeze Enterprise is the best solution for keeping a large number of PCs in top notch state.

Here are some key features of "Deep Freeze Enterprise":

Security and Control
· Encrypt all components with a unique Customization Code
· Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates
· Generate encrypted One Time or One Day Passwords
· Disable keyboard and mouse during maintenance periods or on demand
· Boot Control window provides ability for immediate reboot

Configuring Options
· Create customized installation files using the Configuration Administrator
· Pre-select Frozen Drives and selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives
· Schedule automatic Restart/Shutdown times
· Restart computer on Logoff
· Schedule idle shutdowns or restarts after a preset length of time that the workstation has been inactive
· Schedule Thawed Maintenance periods to perform Windows updates through the Internet or a SUS/WSUS server or run a custom batch file to update your antivirus

· Schedule Send Message tasks

Flexibility Options
· Create a ThawSpace on a workstation that can be used to store programs, save files, or make permanent changes
· Specify the size and file system of the ThawSpace (up to 100GB using NTFS)
· Use Stealth Mode to hide the Deep Freeze system tray icon
· Override ongoing maintenance periods

Interoperability Options
· Use Deep Freeze Command Line Control Utility (DFC) to manage Deep Freeze deployment remotely via command line interface
· Integrate Deep Freeze protection into any Desktop Management Solution capable of executing command line control
· Manage Deep Freeze protection through the LANDesk native console with Deep Freeze plug-in for LANDesk
· Enhanced Novell compatibility during Maintenance

Action Files
· Create XML-based Deep Freeze Action Files to interact with other programs via the Deep Freeze Console
· Administrators will be able to create, edit, download and share Action Files with other users through Faronics Labs

Enterprise Console
· Schedule restart, shutdown, Wake-On-LAN, Freeze, Thaw and Thaw Locked tasks dynamically to take place once or on a regular basis
· Scheduled tasks run even when Deep Freeze Console is closed
· Change maintenance and restart/shutdown schedules on the fly
· Power-on workstations using Wake-on-LAN technology
· Use Workstation Seed for workstation communication and installation
· Manage workstations easily with User Defined Groups
· Quickly populate multiple groups or sub-groups with smart automatic filters or import groups from Active Directory
· Update all pre-existing installation files automatically
· Invoke system maintenance on demand with "Thaw Locked" mode

Expanded Network Options
· Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN, or combination
· Support for multiple ports
· Instantly send notification messages to workstations

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Menghilangkan Icon Blogger Comment [ Blogspot ]


Pada postingan kali ini saya akan mencoba memberikan tips blogger tentang "Bagaimana cara menghilangkan Icon pada Blogger Comment"Langkah - langkahnya bisa rekan dan sahabat ikuti seperti dibawah ini.

  1. Silahkan anda masuk ke Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > check Expand Widget Templates box.

  2. Kemudian cari kode seperti dibwah ini.
  3. <dt expr:class='&quot;comment-author &quot; + data:comment.authorClass' expr:id='data:comment.anchorName'>

  4. Lalu hapus bagian dibawah ini pada kode diatas.
  5. + data:comment.authorClass

  6. Sehingga kode tersebut akan terlihat seperti dibawah ini.
  7. <dt expr:class='&quot;comment-author &quot;' expr:id='data:comment.anchorName'>

  8. Simpan dan silahkan rekan dan sahabat lihat hasilnya.

Semoga bermanfaat.
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